Perl Obfuscators

As the current trend in the progamming world is to switch from compiled languages like C/C++ and Delphi to scripting languages like Perl, Javascript and VBScript developers are facing one of the big disadvantages of these languages when it comes to commercial applications. Customers and competitors can easily study, analyse and reuse the source code. The control over the intellectual property is hard to establish because it.s difficult to track down the violations of intellectual property even under the form of arbitrary adaptation.

The solution for this kind of problem is a reliable Perl obfuscator. It should convert the Perl source files into a top scrambled and obfuscated form hard to study, analyse and reuse while maintaining the initial functionality of the original source code, and re-encode the obfuscated code to hide the structure of the program.

The obfuscation process consists in:

  • replacing all symbol names with the non-meaningful ones, while preserving syntaxical and semantical correctness of the source code;

  • substituting numeric values with the arithmetic expressions using decimal and hexadecimal numeric values that evaluate to the same value;

  • using hexadecimal character codes for all characters in strings;

  • replacing strings with interpolated variables with the concatenation of the appropriate components;

  • adding extra parenthesis for the expressions;

  • removing extra white spaces;

  • jamming as much code on each line as possible.

The encoding converts code into a special form meant to hide the program structure. Into the source code files is included the decoding code which is used at runtime to decode the code before execution.

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